1. As a class watch this video of JJ and Rudy Jimenez
  2. Discuss their story with your table partner. What drove them to being entrepreneurs? What challenges do they face? What questions do you have about them or their business?
  3. As a class watch this video on Morgan DeBaun

2. Have a simple discussion with your seat partner about what you just saw. What characteristics does Morgan have that make her a great entrepreneur (passion, risk taker, intelligence etc.)


3. Arlan Hamilton


Assignment: Mini Entrepreneur Biohttps://forms.gle/mirdYbBXocVnrucFA

Answer the questions on the form above for your grade on this assignment

If you are finished: Do more research on entrepreneurs, or businesses. Learn for the sake of learning. Be curious! It will lead you so far!

January 20th – Entrepreneur Bio

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