Thursday Feb 17th

  1. Dr. Clarke is at Leadership Aurora – Read about it here
  2. Do you do now – Gratitude and Letting Go
  3. Your first assignment is to create a menu on the back of your paper you started on Tuesday
    1. What will you see?
    2. For how much will you sell it?
    3. Explain the reason for the items sold, and why so few, or so many
  4. Go to and search for menu РPlug in your items and prices to this menu, or create your own
  5. Watch this food truck earns more than $400,000 dollars a year –
  6. Design your food truck
    1. Use the blank canvas food truck to design your own.
    2. Think strategically
      1. What colors do you use?
      2. What words do you use?
      3. Logo? What will it look like?
      4. How will you get people to want to buy from you
  7. Have a great long long weekend. I will be living the good life with my family in Sacramento California to visit family and friends.

Dr. Clarke

Food Truck Design

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