Message from Dr. Clarke 

I miss all of you. Our work will be done on google classroom, so please go there and you will see your first week 1 assignment about YouTube and your social media usage.

If you need anything from me, are curious about anything or need advice on anything, or whatever, please email me










































Daily Objectives

  • Do Now
  • Classwork – Explore the CDC Resource , Work on food truck name, work on food truck art 

Do Now:

Important Information on coronavirus. The Center for Disease Control Website 


Coronavirus – CDC Resource Page

Use this resource if you have questions about the coronavirus. 



Friday Classwork – Food Truck Name and Art 

Past Classwork

Food Truck Presentation

Food Truck Running Doc –

Superbowl Ads – 

Wikipedia Podcast – How I Built This –

Goal Review + SWOT –