Think and Grow Rich Slide Deck

Think and Grow Rich Booklet

  1. Cover – Your name (First and Last)  – Something to make the book visually appealing (drawing, quotes, things that make you happy, etc.)
    1. If your choice is to leave the book’s cover very basic, you must talk to Dr. Clarke about why and show extraordinary effort in the rest of the booklet.
  2. Page 1 – List the 13 principles of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Each principle should have a summary in your own words of what that principle means.
    1. Desire
    2. Faith
    3. Auto-suggestion
    4. Specialized knowledge
    5. Imagination
    6. Organized Planning
    7. Decision
    8. Persistence
    9. The Power of the Mastermind
    10. Compatible Partner
    11. The Subconscious Mind
    12. The Brain
    13. Sixth sense
  3.  Page 2 – Dream Life – Revisit your dream life in a paragraph form. Write half a page that is about your dream life and use the other half page for symbols that represent this dream life. You must include what you want to do, own, learn, see and give. This can be represented however it feels best to you. You can write about what it will look like if you have lived your dream life, you can write in a story format talking about a day in your dream life, or whatever creative way you can connect with this concept.
        1. Do
        2. Own
        3. Learn
        4. See
        5. Give
      1. Draw, symbols to reaffirm what that dream life looks like and connect to it
  4. Page 3 – Your specific goal to happen by the end of the year + mastermind group + organized plan
    1. Goal should be very specific in both scope and scale
    2. action steps (organized planning)  to make it happen
    3.  Mastermind Group
      1. Write down 3 people that you know that would be in your mastermind group and 3 wildly ambitious members that you would choose to be in your mastermind and why.
        1. For every member of your mastermind group, explain why they would be in this group.
  5. Page 4 – Write a paragraph that shows your Desire and Faith to achieving this goal.
    1. Include the visualization that you see when you think of how you achieving this goal has already happened, that it is inevitable, that you know you will do it.
    2. In list form on this page include the 3 questions you will ask yourself using the strategies of positivity thinking learned in class.
      1. Questions
        1. What if everything that I think is negative is actually pushing me towards my desires?
        2. Who can help me reach my goal faster?
        3. What would it look (feels) like to be completely secure in my finances?
  6. Backpage –
    1. Re-write your goal
    2. Your daily affirmation that aligns with your goal
    3. 3 questions you will ask yourself throughout the day to impact your subconscious decisions
    4. Decorate to make the back page beautiful